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eno vino west wine lockers




Our Private Wine Locker Club Ownership comes with exclusive benefits for owners only:

  • Wine Locker Club Owners will receive a personalized wine locker. Keys for your locker are held on premise by the management team.

  • Lockers are leased on a 12 month basis, with right of renewal given to the wine locker owner at the end of their contracted period.

  • Each Wine Locker Club Owner will be given an exclusive wine selection each month depending upon their ownership commitment. The wines will be exclusive to the locker owners and not available on the restaurants wine list.

  • Each Wine Locker Club Owner will have a personal inventory ledger in their locker that will be up kept by the resultant staff.

  • Eno Vino will hold four scheduled wine tasting events for the Wine Locker Club Owners throughout the year.

  • Owners will be invited to all upcoming Wine Dinners in advance of the public.

  • Owners can order special requests in single or case selections from any of our various vendors at discounted pricing.


Wine Locker Brochure – click here


For further information or if you are interested in our Wine Locker Program, please email today!

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